Paintings by Fabienne Simonutti

2 October 2017

Lovers of paintings, an artist takes us this month to the discovery of her works through her exhibition of paintings. In the hall of our hotel and in the restaurant, Fabienne SIMONUTTI presents his paintings until October 31st.  THE FASI EXPO: Imagine … Fabienne Simonutti, aka “FASI” is an amateur painter who wanted to exhibit […]

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Paintings exhibition Luc BRACQUIER

31 January 2017

from the 01st of February to the 31st of March 2017 Discover the paintings of Luc BRACQUIER displayed in the lobby of the hotel and in our restaurant. Free entry Artist’s message: “I started painting after two events: the first, a gift from an easel, a canvas and a small briefcase of oil paint. What […]

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