Paintings by Quentin Deforges

4 June 2017

Lovers of paintings, a new artist takes us this month to the discovery of his works through hispaintings exhibition.
In the hall of our hotel and in the restaurant, Quentin DEFORGES presents his paintings until July 5th.


“Passionate about drawing since my childhood, but not knowing in what field to specialize, it was when I entered high school that I decided to go to a training in visual communication. Once this was finished and I was aware that I was not doing that, I decided to go in a more artistic way. I had to integrate a preparatory class into the school entrance exams. ‘art. During an internship during this year, I made the acquaintance of the painter Sophie DUPLAIN, who gave me the love of painting and gave birth to me the desire to paint. This meeting was a real revelation and it is at the end of this preparation that I directly directed myself in a training as a decorator painter. I have integrated a BMA Graphic and decor in Poitiers. Seeing that I liked painting more and more, added to that my thirst for artistic freedom, I decided to stop my studies and start a career as a painter.


“I am constantly looking for a balance between the contrasts, the lights, the colors and the expression of my brushes. To do this I communicate with my paintings so that they can tell me when they feel ready to exist as a work of art and not “object of deco”. My work is essentially plastic, it is not meant to claim my opinions, to protest against certain events … On the other hand, each of my paintings tells a story that only the reader can read through his imagination, culture and Experience. To this day I am just beginning to write the first pages of my life as an artist, and it is passionately that I will continue to do so.

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