Paintings by Les peintres Népalais and Gérard Leclercq

4 September 2017

Lovers of paintings, lucky you are, this month it’s not one but two artists that takes us to discover their works through this paintings exhibition to support the Association “Les écoliers du Népal”.
In the hall of our hotel and in the restaurant, SURENDRA GAUTAM and GERARD LECLERCQ present their paintings until the 30th of September.


Surendra Gautam is there to make us discover the beauty of Nepal through art, to give another image of his country in France other than the mountains, treks, and marijuana of the time of the hippies,

He brings with him the colors and feelings of Nepal.
Subodh is self-taught. He paints the harmony between nature and human feelings. His creations are well inspired by the emotions of earthquake victims, landslides and Buddhist philosophy. He realized the paintings with the water and the land of Lumbini, the Nepalese city, where is not Buddha.

Traditional arts such as the mandalas (Thanka) are performed by the Bhudhist monks.
Surendra Gautam, organizes cultural tours and classical trekkings in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. He is there to enhance the arts of his country and invite you to Nepal.
He is also Vice President of the association LES ECOLIERS DU NEPAL, whose head office is in France. The projects receive financial support from the Nepalese painters and Mr Gérard LECLERCQ, himself an artist, and without him all these openings would not be possible since he stores the paintings and installs them in the various exhibition places.

The website of the association Les écoliers du Népal


Gerard Leclercq had chance to mix professional life an passion for paintings.

A technical training for the ceramics trades allowed him some openings on art. He is a self-taught painter since the age of twenty.
At first figurative, his painting is oriented gradually towards a more abstract expression.
The colors in oil have his preference; sometimes in thickness, projected, or else the canvas just rubbed … With a knife … With a brush … With the tube … Colors, tools, hands, translate the pleasure of a search deep inside oneself.

Discover the website of the painter Gerard Leclercq