Autumn invites itself to the Table du Clos

11 October 2017

The seasons go by and are not alike … Outside, the autumn is gradually settled … and, in the kitchen, it hunts the summer with the arrival of new seasonal products. The new table of the Clos du Table is now present in your favorite gourmet restaurant, as long as the leaves of the trees fall …

When the Chef tames the fall to delight your taste buds …

Autumn … its landscapes that pass from the green to the orange tree, its undergrowth that exhale scents, its varied odors of earth, moss, dried leaves … its chestnuts fallen, its varied mushrooms, there are the values ​​of autumn.

Chef Cédric Ravaud, seconded by Brice Joseph and his team, will be pleased to introduce you to new dishes concocted with passion.

At the table … Yes Chef!

On the menu: beautiful surprises and must-sees such as poached foie gras, Racan chicken or chestnut biscuit … A real treat for lovers of good food! As always, the chef keeps his promise: to work in a gourmet spirit the good products (local) that autumn offers us and all, homemade.

This new card has the desire to make you happy and be assured, it will charm your taste buds. It incorporates seasonal products such as butternut, celery, porcini mushrooms, parsnips … With creativity and passion, it is a team that works in the kitchen of the Clos to reinterpret the autumn while respecting these delicious products.

Good tasting.

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Gastronomically your.

The team at the Table du Clos!