Photography Exhibition by Mr. Jacques Roussel

3 December 2017

From December 1st to 31st, 2017, enter the world of Jacques Roussel photography, in the Clos de la Ribaudière main entrance and restaurant. With these funny, amazing or moving pictures, you will discover some topics that really matter for the artist, such as nature, music, dance or daily-life scenes.

Let’s discover a passionate artist
From his youth, Jacques Roussel starts to care about this art, which will become later his hobby: photography. He buys his first camera with his savings and learns on his own how to take pictures. Over time, he uses more sophisticated equipment and installs a black and white photographic laboratory in his house basement. He also tries coloured slide technique. He realizes reportages during his different travels. He likes to photograph people in the street and in their environment. With the digital technology and his subscription in a photo club, he can speak with experienced professionals and improve his work. He also participates to international exhibitions and events. He is now in the French Photographic Association and the president of the photo club Châtellerault Plein Cadre.

+33 (0)6 07 03 41 92