Paintings by Tony Soulié and Compagny

1 November 2017

Lovers of paintings, it is not one but several artists who take us this month to discover their own artistic worlds.

In the lobby of our hotel and at the restaurant, Tony Soulié and his colleagues are exhibiting their most original works until November 30th.

Discovering an artist out of the ordinary …

Recognized artist of the new French abstraction, traveler, painter, poet and photographer, Tony Soulié seeks to “be in agreement with the time and the space which are ours”. He travels the world and appropriates it. He mixes life with painting. His travels lead him to extreme lands: deserts, volcanoes, seashores but also megacities where he goes to meet the “limit states of the world”. He photographs, he paints, he sows ephemeral installations emphasizing our fragility in front of the strength and durability of the elements. His mixed works are now based on a photograph on which his brush draws the markers of his wanderings.

But not only…

Throughout the month of November, discover the works of many other artists such as Corneille, Erro, Hasegawa, Hohler, Klasen, Mair, Engel, Villeglé, Waydelich, Weisbuch, etc.

Additional Information

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